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Colleen — Insurance in Rochester,,MN

Colleen Specializes In:

  • Medicare and Part D Rx Choices
  • Individual/family health insurance
  • Small Group Health Plans
  • Short-term health insurance
  • International temporary health insurance in and out of the USA
  • Life and annuities, ask about long-term care riders
  • Life Insurance Settlements

Colleen's Background:

  • Owner/Operator of Vaneps Prime Time Health Advisors, LLC since 2003
  • Volunteer Lobbyist on Education for Twelve Years
  • Campaign Manager
  • Itasca Community College - General
  • Hibbing/Virginia Community College - Law Enforcement
  • Photography
  • Painting in Water Color
  • Sky Warn/Amateur Ham Radio Operator
  • Wife, Mother of three and four grandchildren
  • Metal Detecting
Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance in Rochester, MN and Part D prescription drug plans
Can be paired with a Dental Plan

Minnesota has 2 kinds of Medicare Health Insurance to choose from to supplement what Medicare doesn't cover.

Medicare: Medicare Advantage Plans and traditional Medicare Supplements. I will explain how Medicare A, B, C, and D all work. Some plans include drug coverage and some plans can be paired with a stand-alone drug plan. I will help you in choosing the best plan that fits your needs and budget.

Starting the Medicare program is a milestone for American seniors, usually beginning at age 65. For those who are on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) prior to age 65, you can expect Medicare benefits to start on your 25th month on SSDI.

What does a Medicare Health insurance appointment look like?

It costs nothing to see me, a professional agent! We are paid commissions by the insurance companies we represent and your premiums stay the same. Remember I represent the insurance companies, but I work for you!

Are you on Social Security benefits? If yes, then you will automatically start Medicare A and B and it usually coincides with your birth month. You should get a Medicare Card in the mail 3 months prior to your 65th birth month. Even if your birthday is mid-month, you start Medicare A and B on the first day of your birth month. If your birthday is on the 1st, you will start Medicare the month before.

If you are not collecting Social Security benefits and want to continue working or you are waiting for optimum benefits and want Medicare Part B only, you will need to apply online at or in person at the Social Security office. I can send you the proper paperwork or guide you through the process by email, mail or an appointment. Some people like to make an informational counseling appointment with me 4 to 6 months ahead of Medicare age to plan their retirement date if they are still working. Medicare information can be confusing and it's nice to have a professional navigate through the Medicare web at no cost to you.

Individual/Family Health Insurance in Rochester, MN

Can be paired with a Dental Plan

Making an appointment with Colleen Vaneps of Prime Time Health Advisors for an individual/family health insurance quote is easy. Please call 507-226-8677 today. The Affordable Care Act-ACA open enrollment starts November 1st through the end of January each year. We have a variety of health plans for everyone including, copays, HSA-Health Savings Account compatible and catastrophic coverage. We don't know what the future holds for the ACA in 2018 but we will be ready to serve you when changes come.

You can also pair an ACA plan with one of our individual or family dental plans.

Employer Provided Health Plans for Small Groups

Can be paired with a Dental Plan

Small Groups are defined by employers with 2 to 50 full-time employees. Owners are generally counted as employees, so sole proprietorship with one employee usually fall into this category, as do partnerships without any employees of 2 or more partners.

Short-Term Insurance

Short-term Insurance in Rochester, MN can be sold year round and provides temporary health coverage when a life transition leaves you uninsured. Coverage minimum is 30 days going up to 90 days per year. You can choose a deductible and coverage level that fits your needs to cover you in the gap.