Your Local MN & WI Insurance Advisors

We are a LOCAL team of INDEPENDENT experts that are here for one purpose; to make sure you are prepared for Medicare and all that comes with it. Now, starting in March, we will be hosting FREE educational seminars to help give you the confidence you need to make a good decision. And don’t worry if your birthday is not in March, because you have 3 months before and after your birthday to make a decision.

By attending a seminar, you will learn:

✔ What is original Medicare (Parts A and B) and what does it cover?

✔ What does original Medicare NOT cover?

✔ How and when to enroll in Medicare, and how to avoid penalties.

✔ What are Medicare advantage plans, Medicare supplements, and part D prescription drug plans?

There is no cost to attend and no obligation to enroll. Don’t go into Medicare blind, let us help you prepare!

Every Other Wednesday March 2nd - May 25th
10:30 AM - Noon
Rochester Golf and Country Club
3100 Country Club Rd SW
Rochester, MN 55902